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Keyes, Fox & Wiedman LLP is focused on providing clients in the renewable energy and distributed generation sectors with expert and innovative solutions to their legal challenges.  We have in-depth experience with all aspects of energy project finance, siting, and approval, as well as the development of regulatory programs and policies to support the expansion of clean energy markets.

On the regulatory front, Keyes, Fox & Wiedman’s attorneys have a deep understanding of state-level renewable energy policy, perhaps more than any firm in the United States.  Collectively our attorneys have appeared before 35 public utility commissions, in rule makings, rate cases, and adversarial proceedings.   Our firm has experience in developing a wide range of policies designed to advance distributed generation, including net metering, interconnection, and wholesale and retail distributed generation procurement programs, including community renewables programs.

When projects move into the development stage we offer the real estate, environmental and land use expertise necessary to get projects through the permitting stage efficiently.  We can assist with the acquisition and sale of wind, solar, and other renewable energy projects, with an emphasis on real property contracts, project development agreements, title and survey reviews, and related matters.  This includes drafting and negotiating leases, easements, and related contracts for utility-scale and distributed-generation projects, negotiating power purchase agreements, representing clients in acquisition of real property assets, and conducting title and survey review and related real property due diligence in the development, sale or acquisition of renewable energy projects.

For siting rooftop and ground-mounted projects, we lead clients through the federal, state and local permitting processes, assisting with necessary land use entitlements and environmental review.  We have National Environmental Policy Act and California Environmental Quality Act specialists on our team who are experienced at preparing and defending environmental reviews for commercial and industrial projects as well as major solar installations.  Along with handling the comprehensive environmental reviews prepared for projects, we can assist clients in obtaining or modifying necessary permits under the Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act and Endangered Species Act, as needed.  For projects looking to be sited on brownfields or landfill sites, we can offer an understanding of the specific legal challenges necessary to obtain development approval for these sites.

Keyes, Fox & Wiedman’s nationwide energy regulatory experience combined with its project development experience makes it unique among law firms.  We truly understand the myriad of challenges facing renewable energy developers and can put this comprehensive understanding to work to help clients achieve success in this rapidly evolving market.

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