Nathanael Miksis

Nathanael is a power system specialist, Principal at NextGrid Strategies, and a consultant with EQ Research, a division of Keyes, Fox and Wiedman LLP. His work primarily focuses on electric utility topics, including efficient rate design and rules governing integration of distributed resources.

Prior to his work with EQ Research, Nathanael worked as an expert analyst with Pacific Gas & Electric Company’s (PG&E) Market Design and Analysis group, conducting research and internal reporting on wholesale electric market topics, customer rate impacts of procurement activities, and other subjects bridging the areas of power system engineering and economics. He has represented PG&E in stakeholder processes and regulatory proceedings with the California Public Utility Commission, the California Independent System Operator (CAISO) and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).

Nathanael brings specialized knowledge of power system and electric market operations, having worked previously in the Market Monitoring Group of ISO New England, Inc. (ISO-NE), the power grid operator for the six New England states, where his areas of focus included analysis of existing and proposed rules and research on the interplay between the physical and economic aspects of power systems.


  • Drafted Motion to Intervene and Opposition on behalf of The Alliance for Solar Choice in Colorado PUC Dockets 14A-0301E and 14A-0302E.
  • Presented cost recovery testimony before the California Public Utility Commission on behalf of PG&E for expenses incurred to monitor new Market Redesign and Technology Upgrade (MRTU) rules at the CAISO.
  • Led internal analysis for PG&E officers on renewable PPA portfolio impact on residential volumetric electric rates, 2012-2020.
  • Wrote PG&E’s Motion to Intervene before the FERC on CAISO Bid-Cost Recovery (Docket No. ER11-3856).
  • Wrote PG&E’s Stakeholder Comments to the CAISO on Intertie Pricing and Settlement for virtual and physical electricity imports and exports.
  • Drafted briefing and discussion paper on PG&E system frequency response capabilities, including discussion of future North American Electric Reliability Corporation reliability standards on inertial response requirements in the Western Interconnection.
  • Led detailed analysis and wrote PG&E’s comments to the CAISO on $300 million per year market flaw associated with Real-Time Energy Imbalance Offset charges.
  • Wrote tariff language on CAISO’s Flexible Ramping Constraint that was recommended by PG&E and adopted by the CAISO.
  • Led internal Quarterly Market Reporting function for PG&E leadership on the state of the California wholesale electricity market, involving monitoring for, anticipating and escalating market issues for resolution internally or through stakeholder processes.
  • Gave internal PG&E Market Knowledge talks on “Energy and Ancillary Services Co-optimization,” “Optimal Dispatch with a Flexible Ramping Requirement Constraint,” “Optimal Dispatch and Locational Marginal Pricing with Transmission Congestion.”
  • Wrote ISO-NE’s Semi-Annual Ancillary Services Phase 2 Compliance Filing for FERC.
  • Conducted extensive internal ISO New England, Inc. review of power grid resource adequacy, covering wholesale-retail integration, demand-side management, electricity storage, dynamic pricing, rate design, and locational capacity markets.

Selected Publications

  • Miksis, N., S. Wadalawala., “Impact of Convergence Bidding on CAISO Real-Time Imbalance Energy Offset Charges,” Internal PG&E Whitepaper. Jan. 2011.
  • Miksis, Nathanael K., “Electric Power Market Modeling with Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning,”. Masters Theses 1896 – 2014. ( Sep. 2010.
  • Miksis, N., R. Entriken, M. Trotignon, “Program on Technology Innovation: Optimal Bidding in Power Markets: Q-Learning for Adaptive Agents,” Electric Power Research Institute Technical Report, Co-Sponsored by Electricite de France. Dec. 2007.
  • Miksis, N., “Spot Pricing and Investment Decisions in an Electricity Market Simulator with Adaptive Agents.” Presentation at Annual Meeting of the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS), Pittsburgh, Nov. 2006.


  • Master of Science, Industrial Engineering and Operations Research (University of Massachusetts, Amherst). Granted September 2010.
  • Bachelor of Arts, Economics (University of Massachusetts, Amherst). Granted May 2006.
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